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Boost your business with a little help from your friends at Unicorn Factory! Our Canadian freelancers handle all the behind-the-scenes magic so you can focus on the big picture. From virtual assistants to account managers, we've got your back. Let's make your business shine together! ⭐🇨🇦

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Just four simple steps to find the business support you need with Unicorn Factory


Create a client profile

Click on "Start Hiring" and create a client account. You will be asked a few questions about your business to make it easier for us to find the ideal freelancer for your project.


Get your business verified

We will review your business to ensure that you are a good fit for the platform. As soon as you are verified you will get full access to the platform.


Create your first job listing

Choose a plan, get your account set up, and you'll get to your own client portal. This is where you can keep track of your job posts and manage the freelancers you’re interested in. It’s straightforward, even if you’re new to this kind of thing.


Hire the right freelancer for your project

Once you're onboarded, we'll launch your first job listing for you. This is where it all begins! You'll have full access to the platform, ready to connect with freelancers, review applications, and kick off your project. It's simple and straightforward, guiding you through each step, especially if it's your first time diving into the world of freelance hiring.

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for when hiring business support?

Look for someone who's got the smarts to tackle your to-do list, keeps things running without a hitch, and has a friendly chat style. They should know your business kinda like their own backyard and get stuff done before you even ask.

How can a business support freelancer help make my life easier?

A great support buddy can take care of the day-to-day stuff that eats up your time. They help you stay organized, manage emails and schedules, and make sure everything's tickety-boo so you can grow your biz without the extra stress.

What kind of work can I give to a business support freelancer?

You can pass off lots of tasks like answering emails, keeping track of your calendar, sorting out spreadsheets, and even making sure your customers are happy. It's like having an extra set of hands, without the full-time fuss.

How do payments between freelancers and clients work?

Payments are made directly between you, the client, and the freelancer. This direct approach allows you to discuss and agree on payment terms, rates, and schedules that work best for both parties. Unicorn Factory does not intermediate these payments, ensuring transparency and flexibility in your arrangements.

If I hire a freelancer on Unicorn Factory, does Unicorn Factory help manage the project?

While Unicorn Factory is instrumental in connecting clients with freelancers, project management is generally handled directly between you and your chosen freelancer. Our platform's role is to help you find the ideal professional for your needs; once you connect, the freelancer will work with you to manage and execute the project.

What happens if I have a disagreement with the freelancer?

We recommend that you first try to resolve any disagreements directly with the freelancer through clear communication. If issues persist, you can reach out to us for guidance. While Unicorn Factory doesn't directly intervene in disputes, we can offer advice and best practices for resolution.

What happens after I agree to work with a freelancer?

Once you agree to work with a freelancer, you'll typically discuss and finalize project details, timelines, deliverables, and payment terms. It's a good practice to have a clear agreement or contract in place. Then, the freelancer will begin working on your project, keeping you updated on progress according to your agreed-upon communication plan.

How is the concierge service different from Business Pro?

The Concierge Service at Unicorn Factory is all about providing a fully assisted experience. We do the heavy lifting: creating your job listing, reviewing applicants, narrowing them down to the top three, scheduling interviews, and offering support during the interview stage. We even assist in reviewing proposals and provide feedback. It's perfect for those new to hiring freelancers, ensuring a smooth and guided process.

On the other hand, Business Pro is for the more independent hirer. It's a do-it-yourself approach where you write your listing, review applicants, conduct and schedule interviews, and review proposals on your own. This option suits businesses with experience in hiring freelancers. However, opting for our Concierge Service not only guides you through the hiring process but also grants you a full year's access to Business Pro, giving you the best of both worlds.

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