We connect Canadian Businesses to Canada’s best freelancers

At Unicorn Factory, our goal is to help Canada's freelancers find great jobs and give them the tools and community they need to do well.

"I am so thankful I found Unicorn Factory, it's the best freelancer platform I have used. It's so straight forward and easy to use and I have been connected with so many great people. I wouldn't be where I am without it!"

Rebecca Bradley

Freelance Photographer

“I've been a member of the Unicorn Factory for about six months, and during that time I have secured six different projects. Two of these have led to further work. The clients I've worked with through Unicorn Factory have been high quality and the projects interesting.”

Anne-Marie Emerson

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

“Unicorn Factory has been fantastic for building new relationships with clients. I run an end to end video production service and since jumping on board with Unicorn Factory, I have been busier than ever!”

Tom Groenewegen

Freelance Videographer

"I was quite new to freelance work when I joined Unicorn Factory, so I still had a lot of early-stage challenges with exposure and gaining traction. Unicorn Factory helped me nail those first few critical clients which have, over the last 4 years, helped me to grow into a success."

Bex De Prospo

Freelance Copywriter

“I would recommend Unicorn Factory to any freelancer or small agency owner who wants to find quality clients and get amongst a community of like minded creatives. I love it! and I cannot thank them enough for helping my business grow.”

Brent Dickens

Freelance Web Designer

“Unicorn Factory, has achieved what every other 'freelancer marketplace' is trying to do - which is match agencies and businesses who are ready to hire, and have reasonable budgets, with the right freelancer or team.”

Sam Thornton-Jones

Freelance Web Designer

Are you a freelancer in Canada?

We are on a mission to simplify the process for Canadian entrepreneurs and business owners to find and connect with the best Canadian freelancers. If you're a freelancer seeking more opportunities, this is for you!

Why Partner With Us

Unicorn Factory was created by freelancers for freelancers. Our vision is not to just create another marketplace, but one that values the independence of freelancer and the value of their work.

We provide access to more job opportunities

Create a profile on our platform to showcase your skills and access a wide range of job listings directly.

We let you set your own rates and support fair pricing

You have the freedom to set your rates, and we ensure fair pricing by preventing undercutting among freelancers.

We prioritize quality over quantity of freelancer

We deliberately keep our freelancer community small, focusing on high-quality professionals rather than sheer numbers.

We let you manage the client relationship

After connecting you with clients, it's up to you to communicate and handle your projects with them directly.

Getting started on Unicorn Factory is simple.


Start Your Application

Begin your journey with Unicorn Factory by clicking the 'Start Your Application' button. This first step involves filling out a form with details about your freelancing experience, helping us get to know you better.


Select the kickstarter plan

Once your application is accepted, make an initial investment of $199 + tax. This fee unlocks access to your first five job leads, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills and for both of us to assess our fit.


Work your first 5 leads

You won't incur any additional charges until these first five leads are delivered. This phase allows you to experience the platform's potential and for us to evaluate the partnership's effectiveness.


Choose your path based on your goals

After working through your initial leads, we'll jointly review the collaboration. If we're both happy with the outcome, we'll discuss the best way forward, which may include a continued fee or a revenue-sharing model, tailored to our mutual benefit.

Have a question?

Can studios and agencies sign up?

At this stage, Unicorn Factory is focusing only on individual freelancers. We're not accepting studios or agencies right now. This policy might change in the future, but currently, our main focus is on supporting individual freelancers.

Can I sign up if I'm just starting to freelance?

Yes, if you're new to freelancing, you're welcome to sign up with us. We will review any past projects you've worked on to assess your experience. It's important to note that we expect our freelancers to be working full time in their field. So, if you haven't started freelancing full time yet, it's best to wait until you do before signing up.

How does client relationship management work?

As a freelancer on Unicorn Factory, you'll be in charge of managing your relationships with your clients. You're free to use any tools you prefer for communication, such as Slack. This approach ensures that your relationship with the client feels direct and personal, not facilitated by us. Our aim is to allow you to build and grow your own brand as a freelancer while you expand your business.

Do you offer a guarantee on the set-up fee?

Yes, we offer a guarantee on the set-up fee. If we don't find you any clients within the first 90 days of your membership, you can request a refund of this fee. We're committed to ensuring that our platform is beneficial for you, and we're happy to provide this assurance.

How long does the application process typically take?

Typically, we review applications on the 20th of each month. However, there are times when we might review them sooner, especially if there are immediate opportunities available. Throughout the application process, we will keep you informed via email.

How does Unicorn Factory differ from other freelancing platforms?

Unicorn Factory stands out from other freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr by being more hands-on with our freelancers. We focus specifically on helping individuals succeed as freelancers. This means we maintain a smaller, more tight-knit community. We engage in actual conversations with our freelancers and strive to ensure they can maximize the benefits of our platform.

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