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If you are thinking about starting freelancing or you are looking for new ways to connect with other freelancers to collaborate and grow your business than this community is made for you.

Getting started as a freelancer

Discover the simple steps to join Unicorn Factory, a freelancing platform that connects Canadian freelancers with a diverse range of clients and projects.

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Apply to join as a freelancer

Submit your application to become a part of Unicorn Factory and gain access to our network of Canadian businesses seeking top freelance talent.

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Select membership & add portfolio items

Choose the ideal membership plan that aligns with your freelancing goals, and showcase your work by adding portfolio items to your personalized profile.

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Start collaborating with clients

Begin connecting with potential clients, collaborating on diverse projects, and growing your freelance career with the support of the Unicorn Factory platform.


Choose the plan that best fits your freelancing goals and enjoy the benefits Unicorn Factory has to offer.

😎 Side Hustler
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Personal freelancer profile page
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Promotion to clients browsing our site
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Access to community forum for networking
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Add 2 portfolio items to showcase your work
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Cancel anytime
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⭐️ Pro
All Side Hustler benefits, plus:
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Higher promotion on directory pages for increased exposure
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Access to our job board for more client opportunities
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Add 4 portfolio items to showcase your work
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Cancel anytime
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🤩 Studio
All Pro benefits, plus:
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Create service landing pages to package your services at set prices
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Additional promotion opportunities to our client base on your behalf
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Invitation to exclusive events and workshops
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Flexible pricing tailored to your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about Unicorn Factory, including signing up, fees, project types, communication, payments, support, trust-building, portfolio showcasing, client relationships, and eligibility criteria for freelancers.

1. How do I sign up and create a profile on Unicorn Factory?

Create an account and fill out the application form. We will review your application, and if you are a good fit, we will create your profile page and notify you. Once your profile is live, you can access your freelancer portal to add portfolio items.

2. Are there any fees involved to join the platform?

Yes, we offer three plans: "Side Hustler" for $20/month, "Pro" for $40/month, and an invite-only "Studio" plan with flexible pricing. Each plan offers different features and benefits. You can cancel at any time.

3. What types of freelance projects and industries are available on Unicorn Factory?

We cater to various industries, with startups, social enterprises, and service businesses as our biggest client demographic. Projects range from one-off support tasks to long-term retainers.

4. How do I apply for projects and communicate with potential clients?

Clients can contact you directly via your profile. We forward client information via email, and you can communicate outside the platform. You can also request introductions to clients listing projects on our job board.

5. What is your payment process, and how can I ensure timely and secure transactions?

Payments occur directly between you and your client, without any intermediaries. Quote and invoice your client as you would through your website.

6. Do you provide any support or resources for freelancers working on projects?

Yes, we offer a community forum, occasional workshops, and will soon provide courses and other growth opportunities.

7. What measures does Unicorn Factory take to maintain trust and credibility among users?

We vet clients by verifying their business information and use freelancer feedback to evaluate their continued access to the site.

8. How can I showcase my portfolio and past work to potential clients?

You can add portfolio items to your profile depending on your plan. We also provide tutorials on creating a portfolio in your freelancer dashboard.

9. Can I maintain long-term relationships with clients on Unicorn Factory?

Absolutely! Once we connect you with clients, it's up to you to maintain the relationship outside the platform.

10. Are there any specific eligibility criteria or qualifications required to join as a freelancer?

You must be based in Canada and not employed by an agency. We welcome anyone looking to start or expand their freelancing business.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions or need clarification about Unicorn Factory, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you navigate the platform and ensure a seamless freelancing experience.