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What kind of freelancers can I find on Unicorn Factory?

On Unicorn Factory, you can find freelancers in web design, graphic design, marketing, and writing. There are also experts in photography, video production, and social media management. So, if you need creative or digital services, you'll likely find a freelancer there who can help.

How much does it cost me as a business owner to use Unicorn Factory?

It is currently free to use our job board, we do however have paid upgrades availability that gives you access to additional features on the platform.

How does Unicorn Factory ensure the quality of freelancers in its freelancers?

Every freelancer in our network undergoes a review process that evaluates their past work and experience. We accept only around 20% of the applications we receive, ensuring a high-quality pool of talent. Our network includes freelancers from junior to experienced levels, catering to a variety of project needs and budgets.

How does the job board work?

Our job board is the most popular way for clients to connect with freelancers. Our process to help you find the best freelancer via the job board is simple: first, we will help you generate a high quality job listing that will attract the right kind of freelancer. Once we receive applications, we will add them to a shortlist for you to review. You will then be able to tell us who you would like to connect with and we will make email introductions to those freelancers. From there, the freelancers will reach out to you to schedule a time.

I have never hired a freelancer before: do you offer any support?

For first-time hirers, we offer a service called the Concierge Service, where one member of our team will consult you through each stage of the hiring process. We will start by writing a job listing for you and reaching out to freelancers on your behalf. From there, we will assemble a list of three candidates that we think are best fit given your budget and other requirements. We will schedule a video call with each freelancer, so that you can ask any questions you want. We will also be available to consult you throughout the call. Finally, we will also provide feedback on any proposals and guide you in the right direction. This service is ideal if you want to leverage freelancers in your business long-term but don't have a process yet.