The key advantage of using platforms like Webflow, Airtable and Zapier is that it doesn't require you to know how to code meaning that you can make changes to your platform without having to rely on developers.

This is really game changing because it allows you to take action on customer feedback immediately which is crucial in the early stages of your business.

I offer two main services:

🤝 I do one-on-one coaching where I teach you across eight sessions how you can use No Code to build your own platform (by yourself) OR
🏗 I do full project builds where I design and build your MVP and then across 8 sessions teach you how to make changes and iterations to your platform by youself.

My ideal client is:

1️⃣ A solopreneur who has a very good understanding of a particular industry and market. You already have an established network and the only reason why you haven't created your online business yet is because you don't know where to start
2️⃣ You (and maybe a business partner) are planning on starting a startup but you don't have any tech background or experience building businesses. You are ready to learn the tools yourself, but you need a roadmap that you can execute.

If you want to learn more about what I do, check out my Unicorn Factory case study here: https://connorfinlayson.com/ncc

I would love to hear from you if you do have an idea for a marketplace!


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