PROCAD Designs

Published on
October 19, 2022
PROCAD Designs - Jamie Windell

The Challenge
Despite spending time and money on a new website, custom home and renovation design professionals, PROCAD Design, hadn’t found the quality they needed. As designers themselves, they were increasingly frustrated by the length of time it was taking their first web developer to create a second WordPress website. That’s when PROCAD Design reached out to Khula Design Studio.
At the time, the company was unsure how to articulate their story and services through the messaging on their website, and how to speak to their ideal audience. What they really needed was a website that met their design expectations, one they could be proud of and, moving forward, one that was easy to maintain and update themselves.

The Outcome
For PROCAD Design, it made perfect sense to begin with brand strategy and positioning work — to really unpack who they were, who they wanted to serve, why and how they wanted to serve them. Like a house build, this was the solid foundation on which we built everything else. We used our research and findings to help our copywriters craft unique and engaging messaging for the website, and then we passed this all over to our graphic and UX/UI designers. 
Our designers began by freshening up the brand identity logo and brand guidelines. They then designed the user interface (UI) pages in Figma to ensure the copy fit the design and vice versa. With the website prototyped, we quickly developed the all-new, powerful CMS-driven website in Webflow. This enabled us to create a modern and intuitive user experience (UX). It also provided a stunning platform to showcase PROCAD Design’s existing work, encouraging new users to book a call and design their dream home.

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