A redesign curated to modernize and bring cohesiveness to the LUXE brand.

Why redesign LUXE? The goal of this brand redesign was to portray LUXE's quality in services, and renown artistry to Ottawa and its surrounding cities. This revamped logo was carefully curated to bring a sense of modernism, which was highly influenced by the Art Deco style. LUXE's core qualities in service are valuable, and it is necessary to illustrate them to the public. By choosing this logo, LUXE’s brand benefits from standing out from its competitors.

Behind the logo This redesign primarily consists of breathable space, contemporary bezels, and a classic colour palette. Gold, which is appropriately associated with luxury, pairs beautifully with the rich black at its centre. To evoke the senses of sophistication and class, a rich black was selected to create balance. All of these elements combined, the logo successfully emanates to LUXE’s clientele the feeling of grandness, lavishness, and openness.

Key takeaways Brand representation is key. By moving forward with this design, LUXE's brand stands out from their competitors by being unique and highly recognizable: all appropriate takeaways for a remarkable company.

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Sara Habel


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