Marlborough District Council

Published on
July 6, 2022
Marlborough District Council - Andrew  Strugnell

Marlborough District Council is the local governing body for residents who live in the region of Marlborough, New Zealand. Since February 2021, I have produced numerous short stories for MDC to help them demonstrate the value that their services provide their residents.

Traditionally, I take care of the complete video production process - from ideation, interviewing and filming, to editing, review and delivery. On this occasion I worked with a local videographer. They did a great job of capturing the official opening of the Landsdowne Hub facility, and sent up a drone for an early morning shoot the next day. I gathered the footage and edited the short story.

Marlborough District Council were very pleased with the story. We continue to work together to identify stories where excellent services are provided for the residents of Marlborough.

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