Heid Martin Wellness: Life Coach

Published on
February 9, 2021
Heid Martin Wellness: Life Coach - Michelle Balge

I redesigned Heidi's site to make it much easier for users to find what they’re looking for. I reorganized her site’s pages with sticky notes before even creating a sitemap on my laptop. From there I ensured all of the necessary and helpful information was present on each page, and that they flowed well from page to page when users clicked the calls-to-action (buttons). I put all of her Heal Your Life Training information under one primary navigation menu item, and separated the rest of her services into coaching, Reiki, workshops, and yoga.

Heidi wanted her site to be fresh, beautiful, clean, professional, modern and have flow in its design. I created a design that suited her personality and how she wanted her business to be represented, and kept with a blue, white, and black colour palette as they are colours she loves.

I ensured there were testimonials on almost every page, including the use of video testimonials for her training. It was super important for users to see that she is a trusted trainer and life coach, and that then encourages them to sign up. All of the CTAs throughout the site were strategically placed to encourage hers to learn more about her and sign up for her services.

“What I liked best about working with Michelle was her integrity, really getting to know me so she could really feel what I wanted. She was also very quick which is amazing. After working with Michelle, I have more awareness to the general public and I believe I will get more sign ups for my training because people will see what I offer in a very authentic way.”
_ – Heidi Martin_

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