General Motors

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January 23, 2021
General Motors - Steve Coppola

Like any industry leader, General Motors has plenty of compelling stories to tell about its innovative technologies and how they contribute to the next generation of vehicles. And while the stories themselves are a crucial ingredient, how these stories get presented to readers is equally vital in delivering a compelling narrative. In 2020 we worked with General Motors to reimagine how visitors consume innovation stories on
The stories shown on this page were originally posted as long-form, continuous text articles with little to no visual interest or optimization for legibility. These stories were underperforming and severely failed to communicate the heart of what the pieces were all about. For our exercise, I was asked to rethink two articles:

  1. An in-depth profile of three GM engineers describing their backgrounds, passion points, and contributions to the company's technological innovations.
  2. A feature story on GM's Ultium Batteries - the company's future platform for electric vehicles.
    I worked with a PR agency partner to revitalize the original stories with powerful imagery, colors, and layouts, improving flow, and helping key messages to resonate with readers. runs on the Adobe Experience Manager platform, which meant that designs needed to ultimately plug into the back end CMS. We worked with client teams to review and iterate to this end and help internal designers adopt this same design strategy for future articles.

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