Future Of Work Marlborough (The Graeme Dingle Foundation - June 2021)

Andrew Strugnell

I worked with The Graeme Dingle Foundation to produce a short story about their annual Future Of Work Conference for young people.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation provides young New Zealanders with the tools and skills to navigate and overcome life's challenges. One of their outreaches is to help high school students find their ideal career pathway and guide them into work opportunities.

The Foundation enquired about having their annual Future Of Work careers conference and expo documented on video. It was a pleasure to liaise with them, arranging opportunities to film interviews with speakers and to capture the event as it unfolded. I also edited the footage, selected the music, applied colour grades and transcribed the captions.

The story has been went received and shared widely on social media. I will be working alongside The Graeme Dingle Foundation again in July 2022 to document and share their next Future Of Work conference again.

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