Bored of Authority

Published on
February 13, 2021
Bored of Authority - Victor Costa

About the Project:

Bored of Authority is a Canadian streetwear brand in the intersection of technology, fashion, and culture. Essentially, its product is a garment with a flexible e-paper screen connected to your phone—for the generation of troublemakers who seek more ways to express themselves. Our goal was to build a site to reflect the philosophy of this generation, tell them about the device and make it easy to purchase.

Design core:

We consider the main thing is conveying the atmosphere and brand’s philosophy through imagery. We wanted to make sure that the target audience will recognize themselves among the characters presenting the collection. We believe being relevant is as important as being fashionable and topical.


The most challenging thing was not only to declare the brand and implement some complex animations—which were mentioned in the brief—but make it convenient as well. First, we talked through the entire workload and flow in order to properly plan our resources and actions. We fit the time constraints into our planning, so during the course of work, we did not feel a sword over our heads but simply did our job according to the planned schedule

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