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Hiring amazing creative talent shouldn't be reserved to the few. Our mission is to make it easy for Canadian businesses to hire local freelancers. It all starts with you posting your job to our board

Outsource your work to local talent and make your next project a success.

We designed a platform to make it easy for Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs, social enterprises or startups to find and hire local talent to take their businesses and projects to the next level.

Create your job listing in less than 5 minutes

We know you are busy and we don't want to waste your time, so we have designed the listing process to focus only on the essential information we need to find the right freelancer for you

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    Describe your project, requirements, budgets and timeline

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    Set your preferred type of freelancer (experience, skills)

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    Select your listing type, add-ons and hit the publish button

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Let us introduce to available and qualified freelancers

We have designed this process to be as smooth as possible, which is why we will take over the workload of reaching out and qualifying freelancers for you.

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    Freelancers will be able to check out your project brief and self-qualify themselves as a good fit or not

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    If interested freelancers can request a job intro, which we will make by email

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    Schedule a call with the freelancers and discuss details.

How much does it cost to list a project?

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Basic Listing

Perfect for simple one-off projects with designers, copywriters and marketers

excluding Tax
30 Day Listing Period
1 email notification blast
Limited to 5 freelancer introductions
Email support
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Pro Listing

Perfect for filling ongoing projects / retainer freelancers. Suitable if you are looking for a wide range of candidates

excluding Tax
90 Day Listing Period
3 email notification blast (if required)
No limits to freelancer introductions
Pinned Listing
Email support
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Legendary Listing

Perfect for agency owners wanting to have freelancers on call at all times.

excluding Tax
90 Day Listing Period (with free renewal)
Monthly listing in email newsletter (if required)
No limits to freelancer introductions
Pinned Featured Listing for more visibility
Email support
45 min strategy session on Zoom


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Filter Applicants

Instead of introducing you to the first few freelancers interested in your project, we will reach out to freelancers that we think are the best fit for your project directly, ensuring that you get intro'd to the cream of the crop

excluding GST


If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page

Contact Us

What is the process after my listing appears on the website?

As soon as your listing goes live on our website, we will send you a confirmation email. At the same time, we will notify our database of freelancers who fit your skill and budget requirement about your job. From there freelancers will be able to see a detailed project listing on our website, and if interested, request an introduction to you.

All introductions will be made by email and it is the freelancer that will take the initiative to schedule a time with you to discuss your project.

We will continue to make email introductions until you close the project.

How do I edit my listing?

If you want to make changes to your listing, please reply to our confirmation email with the changes you want to make. From there our team will make the changes. Please note that we only allow small changes that are in line with your existing listing. Changing your listing from something like Graphic Designer to Copywriter will not be allowed.

How can I close my listing early?

The fastest way to close your listing is to simply reply to the last email introduction you receive from us and let us know that you are no longer looking for a freelancer. From there, we will close the project and remove it from the job listing.

We may send you a follow-up email to gather some feedback on your experience using our job board.

What do the different freelancer categories stand for?

We have four different categories of freelancer on the site:

  • 🚀 Newbies: Newbies are beginner freelancers who, while being experienced at their craft, are oftentimes new to working with clients.

    You will need to be a bit more hands-on with managing a project with this type of freelancer. These freelancers’ rates are typically priced below other freelancer categories because they are still getting their feet wet and are working on gathering as much experience as possible.

    Newbies usually charge anything between $25 - $45 per hour depending on their discipline.
  • 😎 Side hustlers: Side hustlers usually freelance part-time to make a bit of extra money. Oftentimes they are experienced in working with clients and have a track record of delivering great work.

    Because side hustlers only freelance part-time, they are typically not as available and responsive as you would see with other freelance categories. They are, however, a fantastic resource for one-off projects that are not up against an urgent deadline.

    Side Hustlers typically charge per project and depending on the type of service, it can range between $500 - $5k per project.
  • ⭐️ Pros: Pros are our full-time freelancers. They have a track record of delivering great results for clients and they are also familiar with how to effectively manage and communicate with clients.

    Besides being able to execute on a project, pros typically also deliver a lot of value from a strategic point of view. As they have worked with a lot of different clients, they experience a range of options that might not be obvious at first glance.

    Pros have a variety of ways of pricing their services.
  • ⚡️ Studios: Studios are a good option for someone looking for a wider range of services.

    A lot of our most successful freelancers scale their business from focussing on a specific service to offering a wider range of services to their clients. As a result these services are typically priced above all other freelancer types, but being able to access a wider range of services to one studio, will allow a project to move faster.

    Studios will oftentimes deliver custom quotes depending on the scope of work.

What should I do if I don't hear from a freelancer you introduced me to?

We expect a freelancer to reach out on the day that we make the email introduction to you. If you don't hear from them please feel free to respond to the introduction and we will follow up on your behalf. At times, our emails can end up in spam folders.

What is your refund policy?

We will issue a 100% refund if we don't make any introductions to freelancers within 14 days of your listing.
If none of the introductions we made were a good fit, then we are also happy to review that on a case-by-case basis.

Postings targeting full-time employment will not be considered for refund.

How do I request a refund?

Simply, reply to the confirmation email that we send you when your job gets posted requesting a refund and we will issue it within 24 hours. On average it takes 4 - 7 days for the refund to appear in your account.