A No Code Marketplace to connect freelancers and local businesses in New Zealand and Canada


Unicorn Factory is a freelancer marketplace that makes it easy for local businesses to find and hire local designers, marketers and developers to help them solve problems and grow their business.

The Challenge

It is difficult for local businesses to find freelancers who fit their budgets, have the necessary skills and experience without spending hours and hours searching Google, LinkedIn and other online platforms. On the flipside, a lot of freelancers struggle to find consistent high-quality work with local businesses. This motivated me to start Unicorn Factory, a freelancer marketplace/directory that would make easy to connect these groups of people to each other. The only issue was that I didn't have a coding background and I didn't have $40k lying around to spend on developers (yep, that is what I was quoted)

The Solution

I decided to build a prototype of my platform using No Code tools. No Code tools is software that allows you to visually create websites, set up automated workflows and build fantastic online businesses. The tools I used to build the platform are Webflow, Airtable, Zapier and Memberstack. For a more detailed breakdown of how Unicorn Factory was created, check out my 45 min case study webinar on how I built a marketplace without code.

The Outcome

Unicorn Factory has been running in New Zealand for 2 years now and we have worked with over New Zealand businesses and have over 500 freelancers on our website. Our top freelancer in 2020 made over $150k in revenue and has empowered countless others to start successful freelancing businesses.

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